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Welcome Group 


Are you coming to New Zealand to spend your study abroad at the University of Auckland? Are you a bit anxious before coming to a foreign country knowing no one here?


Worry no more!


Because you will be assigned to a Welcome Buddy Group with 2 locals and another 4-5 exchange students.

Your buddies will contact and welcome you by email before the semester starts

Your buddies will organise a meeting with other exchange students in the group upon your arrival, or attend the SASS Meetup event

Not only your buddies will answer any questions you might have during your stay they might also show you around and give tips and hints about living in the Kiwiland

Scroll down to sign up to become or get a Buddy now!

Become a Buddy

If you are an Auckland uni student and would like to become a Welcome Buddy, click the button below to sign up

Get a Buddy

If you are an incoming exchange student and would like to be assigned to a Welcome Buddy Group, click the button below to sign up

Study Abroad Students' SocietY


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